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I hate to contribute to this flame war, but I've got an honest question: How many people here have jumped off of their carrier just because of the iPhone, or some other phone, recently? If you have the choice between carriers, or easily have the ability to switch around, then great. Perhaps this war is more significant for you.

There's only one carrier that works the very well in my area: Verizon. So, that's really the choice I have. I'd love to have an iPhone, but it's just not an options. My choices break down to "Do I want something the size of the Droid X? How about a physical keyboard?"

Maybe I'm underestimating the number of people who have that choice, and have the ability to easily jump between carriers (I'm on a family plan, so switching would either involve everyone moving, or a second plan, both of which are relatively expensive). "Oh this phone isn't nearly as good as the new iPhone! Where's the front camera? Where's the high-res screen?" We aren't fighting the Zune vs. iPod battles anymore. It's not a gaming console war. Sure, there are features that are lacking in the phones, and innovation shouldn't grind to a halt simply because people are tied to a network that has nothing better to offer, but at the end of the day, it's a phone, and the question must be asked: Can it make calls?

But, this is a battle that will keep waging. Maybe once there is a CDMA iPhone, I'll be willing to revisit this argument. Of course, we'll also be debating if it's humane or savage to eat the wings off of pigs.




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