Life in a Gun Shell is a weekly comic written by Andrew Mussey involving the trials and tribulations of living in an 8-bit world. A new strip is run every Friday.

Good afternoon, everyone. For starters, let me thank you for continuing to come to Despite my being behind on posting the comic, we're still seeing nearly 5,000 unique visitors to the website every month, and even more readership through the "it!" section of the Free Lance-Star.

Life In a Gun Shell is now in its fourth year of internet publication, and is a couple months off from being at that same point in the paper. At one point, two comics hit the internet every week. It was shifted to one a while ago. Now, it is time for another unfortunate shift. From this point on, Life in a Gun Shell will only be published in the Free Lance-Star every other week. It was a decision come to between the editor of the section and I. I will, however, be making an increased effort to update the website with a fresh comic on a weekly basis.

Thank you again for your continued support!




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