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There wasn't any truly simple program that allowed the Rock Band Stage Kit to be used stand-alone or to be hooked up to a computer. So, I wrote one.

I started playing around with this API and wrote a quick program to do just that. This is the first thing I've ever coded in C#, so please report any bugs you run in to. It's fairly basic (and ugly... I'll change it away from the standard VS style later on), but it will easily let you control the strobe and fog box. It also has really basic circular patterns coded in for the LEDs. I plan on adding more functionality as I have time.

As of right now, there is only control over a Stage Kit set as player 1. I've only been able to test it on my desktop, running a Core 2 Quad and Windows 7 Enterprise.

Download Links:

Download SK_Lightworks 1.0

I haven't tested it outside of Windows 7 which already had these installed, but if you need them:

Download .Net 3.5 Redist

Download XNA 3.0 Redist

Known problems:
- The LEDs won't stop instantly when you hit any of the kill buttons. They wait until the end of the cycle.
- The program randomly takes up large amounts of the CPU. I'm pretty sure I fixed this, so let me know if it occurs.

Future plans:
- Add support for more than one Stage Kit.
- Add additional light patterns.

I plan on releasing the source later on once I can clean it up. Enjoy! :)




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