Life in a Gun Shell is a weekly comic written by Andrew Mussey involving the trials and tribulations of living in an 8-bit world. A new strip is run every Friday.

In the summer of 2006, Matthew Grissom and Andrew Mussey decided to start writing a comic as a hobby. After 4 comics, the site was put online, and it became a bi-weekly effort. LiaGS started running every Tuesday and Thursday on After a couple months, the local paper, the Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star, picked up the comic and started running it in the it! section of the Weekender.

In 2007, underwent a redesign and separated the comic published in the paper and the comic published online into two different subdomains: for the uncensored web version, and for the strip run in the paper. Later that year, updates to the online-only comic were reduced to once a week. At the beginning of 2008, updates ceased. The paper-published version was updated every Thursday until a short hiatus was taken in March of 2009.

Due to budget cuts at the Free Lance-Star, the strip was reduced in run time and moved to a black and white spot in a Friday section. The site, after falling in to heavy disrepair, was moved to to improve ease of access and allow for better linking.

Andrew Mussey is currently at Virginia Tech with a focus in Computer Science.

On October 15, 2010, the last issue of it! Magazine was released in the Free Lance-Star. The last comic strip was published on the site shortly afterwards.

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